About iHouse

Our Mission

Dear newcomer to Corvallis,

You’re a student, intern or post doc, so I’m sure you know what most student housing is like.  It can be tough to find a great place to live.  But here’s the good news: Corvallis is also home to iHouse.  And, lucky for you, iHouse is awesome.  Like spinning ninja kick awesome. (You can do a little happy-dance now). Not only is it a place to sleep and eat, but it’s a great place to hang out, with huge common rooms, study rooms, pool, foosball, air hockey, and ping pong tables, a movie room, a yoga room, a basketball court, and a courtyard for barbecues and game-day tailgaters. We have an amazing caterer to delight you with culinary wonders.  Oh, and we’re across the street from a big park with soccer fields (yeah, you’ll have to start calling it ‘soccer’ instead of ‘football’) and sand volleyball courts.

And what you can’t get right here at the house, you can get nearby, because our location is fantastic.  We’re only a few blocks away from the north end of campus.  Not only does this mean that you’re never far from OSU, but the street on the north side of campus is one of the main hot-spots in Corvallis: it’s packed with coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and even a dance club. There are several grocery stores only a few blocks away, although you won’t have to worry about that too much, because we have food on-site, which means most of your meals are prepared for you.  Meal time is a big part of what makes iHouse special: it’s a time when you sit down and talk to great people from all across the world.

But what, truly, makes us unique?  It comes down to our founding principle: to provide international undergrad, grad students and post Docs with the best, most authentic, and life changing experience of living with people from all other countries and cultures as possible.  iHouse is owned by group of former international students who were personally enriched by their own interaction with both Americans and other internationals while attending college.  They want the same experience for you.  Above all else, it’s the opportunities that we provide to our residents for seeing and experiencing your new home that makes iHouse unlike any other place in Corvallis.  We are constantly running trips and planning events both within Corvallis and out to other parts of Oregon and beyond.  You will be living with other people who want to see America, and we’ll help you do that.  But we also bring some of America right to your doorstep: the residents of iHouse are a mix of international and American students from undergraduate, graduate, OSU interns, post docs and visiting professors.  You’ll get a truly authentic experience in the US, living among Americans (they’re nice, we promise!).

We could easily write another four paragraphs about iHouse, but we’re stopping here.  Why?  Because we know that at this point you’re ready to come join us.  We’re the coolest place in Corvallis, and you’re probably the coolest person in your entire country, so it seems like an obvious match. Welcome to iHouse, and see you soon!

Home for international and US undergrad and grad students, Post Docs and interns at Oregon State University