atered lunch and dinner may be provided for an extra cost (to be determined) during Fall, Winter, and Spring OSU quarters except for the weekends and OSU holidays.

Summer Food: We normally do not provide meals during the summer term. However, depending on enrollment and kitchen logistics, an optional meal plan similar to the normal school year may be added later on. This would be around $200 extra for the same meal plan (lunch and dinner) as the regular school year. Please see the Meals paragraph above.

Utilities and Internet:

All utility fees, including electricity, gas, hot water, sewer, garbage collection, and internet (both WiFi and ethernet) are included in the rent price.

Bathrooms and Showers:

  • 1 private master bathroom and shower (men/women) on the first floor
  • 1 public men’s bathroom and showers on the first floor
  • 1 public women’s bathroom and showers on the second floor
  • 1 half-bathroom (men/women) on the first floor


There are multiple washer and dryer machines in the building that iHouse residents may choose to use for their laundry needs.


There are plenty of off-street parking spaces available on the premises free of charge for iHouse residents.

Surveillance Cameras:

To make Corvallis iHouse safe and secure, and for protecting the residents from outside intruders and burglars, there are surveillance cameras outside and inside some of the public areas of the building, where there are entrances to the building such as hallways, kitchen, and the dinning and living rooms.